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AOMEI Backupper Standard 4.1

Backup Software to Protect System & Data of Your Desktop PC and Laptop
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With a focus in offering an easy backup and restore functionality without sacrificing none of the features for which AOMEI Backupper Standard is known for, this free tool comes with a comprehensive set of backup options, fast restoring tools, and an interesting choice of extra utilities to explore, compress, and protect your backup image files. It supports all common storage devices and disks, and allows you to save and sync your backups with multiple destinations.

Famous, among other things, for its stress-free performance and its wizard-based interface, AOMEI Backupper Standard is capable of backing up your entire Windows system, selected files and folders, and specific partitions and volumes in just a few steps. You won’t have to deal with any cryptic settings or make any complicated decisions – all you have to do is select the backup type, the source, and the destination, and the program will do the rest for you. The app can also create disk images and perform quick incremental and differential backups of only those items that have changed or been added since the previous backup. All of these operations can be automated thanks to the program’s backup scheduler, which will help you keep all your data safe and synced at all times without your intervention. Restoring previous disk, system, or partition backups (or just selected files or folders) is equally simple and easy – just select a backup or sync image file from your archive, tell the program where you want to have it restored and wait for the program to finish.

AOMEI Backupper Standard comes with a couple of interesting clone tools to create exact copies of entire disks or selected partitions. These will surely help you to migrate your data to a new SSD or hard drive in just one go, though migrating your operating system – probably the most sensitive part of any migration task – is reserved to those who upgrade to the Professional Edition. Even weirder is the fact that you can split backup images using this Standard edition, but you need to upgrade to Pro if you wish to merge them back again. However, system cloning and backup merging are not the only useful utilities exclusive to Pro users that are worth mentioning – event-triggered scheduled backups, file filter settings, PXE boot, partition editing tools, real-time syncing of files and folders, and support for dynamic disk volumes are also part of its extensive functionality. Merging backup images is

This Standard edition, though, comes also with a set of extra tools that you won’t easily find in many free backup tools. Thus, the Utilities menu includes options that will allow you to create WinPE bootable media, to explore and check backup images, to compress them (using what’s been regarded as the best compression algorithm available in the market for backup images), and even to encrypt and password-protect your backups against unauthorized use.

AOMEI Backupper Standard may well pale when compared to its Professional Edition with all its bells and whistles, but rest assured that you won’t easily find another free backup and restore tool with the functionality and the user-centered interface design that this free app has been offering to home users for the last five years.

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  • Support for all kinds of disks and storage devices
  • Can back up the Windows partition
  • Wizard-based interface
  • Compresses and password-protects backups
  • Creates bootable media
  • Excellent compression rates


  • No migration tools
  • Cannot merge split backup images
  • Limited encryption functionality
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